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Monitoring and Evaluation

Guidelines for Evaluation of Preparatory Phase of IWMP Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation on regular basis is essential from project management point of view as it allows to cross check the status of the project, identify drawbacks and strengths, offer paths of correction/revision, gain knowledge, build expertise and share experiences within and between the various groups of actors and stakeholders.

While Monitoring involves routine assessment of progress and status of various ongoing activities, Evaluation on the other hand is more of a periodic assessment of achievement/milestones in accordance with the objectives of the project.

In the Common Guidelines for Watershed Development Projects, 2008, one of the guiding principles is Monitoring, Evaluation and learning. The principle states that “ A participatory, outcome and impact oriented and user focused monitoring and evaluation and learning system would be put in place to obtain feedback and undertake improvements in planning, projects design and implementation.

Broadly the objectives of evaluation for watershed projects can be summed up as follows:





Criteria for selecting evaluating agencies under IWMP

Criteria for selecting evaluating agencies under IWMP
Sl. No. Criteria Particulars Maximum
1. General Information & Geographical Locations(s) Date of Establishment (minimum 5 years),
location including regional centres, field units, etc.
2. Purpose / Mandate
of the Agency
3. Experience Relevant experience in watershed development
programmes/ CB/ research, etc.,
4. Experience of conducting
evaluation studies
Relevant experience in evaluation of watershed programmes,
number of watersheds evaluated, EAPs, Watershed projects
of MoRD, etc.
5. Human Resources
(Hired / Permanent)
Management/Administrative / Finance Support 10
6. Professional Expertise Number of professionals/ experts discipline wise,
whether regular or part time, their CVs, representation of required disciplines (NRM, Agriculture & allied sectors, social science/ socio-economic, livelihood, water management, etc
7. Facilities / infrastructure
8. Quality of performance Testimonial/ Proof/ Award for quality services/
Performance, any evaluation report of the Agency, etc
9. Financial position
of agency
Grants /funds handled, Audited Account Report 5
10. Networking/ linkages with
others relevant national /
regional/ international agencies


Guidelines for ‘Evaluation of Preparatory Phase of IWMP Projects’ and Criteria for Selecting Evaluating Agencies under IWMP - reg.